GE complete Normand Croft Community School Garden Revamp

From 1st - 3rd June 2011, the voluntary and private sector came together to work on a project at Normand Croft Community School. 3 teams from GE worked in partnership with Works4U, over 3 days, to improve the outdoor space and extensive gardens at Normand Croft.

Works4U consulted with Nick Holt, Head Teacher at Normand Croft School, to come up with ideas about how to improve the outdoor area of the school and create an eco-friendly environment. Nick was keen to improve the pond area as a priority, and to make this area safe for children to use for pond dipping and as a learning hub. The aim was to create an atmosphere where pupils could connect with the wildlife and the environment.

The teams consisting of 48 GE staff members over the course of the 3 days, worked tirelessly to complete the various tasks. The first day was spent clearing the pond area, making way for the decking to be installed, levelling out the ground and clearing pondweeds, as well as weeds from surrounding area. The second day was spent pruning the Woodland Dell area, cutting back undergrowth, painting fences, weeding the courtyard and clearing a path. The third day was spent painting playground fences, painting a mural for the vegetable garden, and creating colourful designs on wooden logs. A contractor was also employed to install the decking and carry out the carpentry tasks for the challenge.

We were blessed with good weather and the sun shone for the whole 3 days! The GE teams completed all their tasks and the end result was a vastly improved, tidy, safe, usable and impressive garden area. The volunteers from GE were also happy, with positive feedback from many. The Team Leader said

“Everyone has been giving me great feedback on what a positive experience it was! Thanks for everything.”

Although Head Teacher Nick was not present during the challenge, he arrived back at the school after half-term pleasantly surprised.

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